A few of my favorite things

These are some of my favorites among my posts, all in one handy-dandy place:


Ode to my favorite nurse (Cat what?)

Tragic memories in wake of the Boston bombing (Contemplation)

Creative quotations (Don’t quote me on this)

You named your kid WHAT?? (When I’m Queen of the World)

You can’t handle the truth (Truth is a four-letter word)

Lillie in the valley (Why, she’s delightful!)

Antisocial media (Getoutofmyfacebook)

Dumbassitude (Lord have Murray!)

Nuclear cockroaches and politicians, same difference (Apres Apocalypse)

I attract the crazies (… and a flaming pork butt, please …)

Poking the bear again (Fun with fury)

Careful what you search for (Google’s trying to kill me)

Political idiocy (Awwwww … so sorry …)

Filling journalistic potholes (The irascible editor)

Hair Club for Cats (My cat has a comb-over)

Ever heard of someone being gruntled? (Dear disgruntled …) No? Well, he’s still pissed. (Dear Disgruntled, Part II)

Funny ha-ha (It is to laugh)

Shut up, shutdown (Shutdown roundup)

How did THAT happen? (Wait … I made sense?)

Tommy town ( … and Thomas Jefferson said, “Shut the hell up!”)

Wow … I’m … AWESOME! (Kneel before my awesome power!)

Onward, fake-Christian soldiers! (Fighting an imaginary war)

Don’t call me honey (They have to TEACH that?)

Thank you for saving me from myself! (Darn that libido!)

That’s not what I said! (Contextual chaos)

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