Sunday Happy Mother’s Day!

Yes, my mom is my biggest hero, and I’m proud of that.

I’d love to be with my mom today, but it’s not to be, though I will call her. She’s where I get my sense of humor, and my love of knowledge. Of course, she’s also where I got my Arp ass, but that’s OK … just makes it easier to spot Arp descendants in photos.

At least I’m not the only one with a funny mom (who also happens to be fiercely protective). Have to say I feel sorry for those who didn’t grow up with a cut-up. Makes it a lot easier to laugh when things look bleak.

Ha! I keel you! I … will never do that again, I’m so sorry, Mommy.
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Gosh, sweetie, I have no idea where it could be!
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And no, you can’t put them in your cocoa!
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If my mom had a smartphone, this is the kind of message I’d get.
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But those moms are the most fun!
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Cruel, maybe, but funny, definitely.
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Can’t wait till she teaches them about diving for food and the importance of the butt!
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My mom would do this, and then apologize … for laughing so hard. 😉
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But Mom, I was winning! No fair!
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