Sunday Mom

Yes, my mom is still my biggest hero, and I’m proud of that.

Today would have been my mom’s 78th birthday (and Friday would have been my grandma’s 103rd … birthdays in our family tend to be close together). I wish she were still here, and always will. She was my best friend and my biggest fan, and that’s hard to be without. She was always there when I needed her, and would do just about anything for me.

I still remember when I was competing in Quiz Bowl in high school. Our team won state in Beta Club and went on to nationals. We lost early on, but the team that beat us (I think it was Ocean Springs, Miss.) went on to win the whole thing at the national convention that year in Louisville. We then tried the Governor’s Quiz Bowl, and went up against Southside High School in Fort Smith. My mom hadn’t been able to be there for the Beta Club competitions, but she could for this, especially since it was so close. However, because I wasn’t answering quite as many questions as usual (I was kind of a question hog), the other members decided I was distracted by my mom, so I had to ask her to leave. She did, even though we both knew she had nothing to do with it. We lost, and I never really trusted my team after that, which was fine because I don’t think we competed again. Mama, though, I never stopped trusting.

Two of my favorite beings in the world, my mom and Luke (her grandkitty).

I miss her every day, especially getting to talk to her and laugh with her every morning and afternoon. One of the things she loved (and I’ll blame my dearly departed Luke for this) was funny animal videos, and she’d often tell me to look for specific ones while I was on the phone with her. Now, every time I watch one, I feel like she’s right here beside me, giggling and poking me in the ribs to make sure I don’t miss out on the fun. In her honor, enjoy some crazy cute animals.