… and a flaming pork butt, please …

More on that later …

My brain’s a bit fuzzy, so not a lot to say today, but …

I haven’t been feeling great lately, as hot, unsettled weather has the tendency to torture both my sinuses and my digestive system (apparently Luke’s, too … oh, joy). interesting

On the bright side, it also brings out the craziness in just about everyone, which is good as long as it’s the fun crazy. Act a fool and unleash goofy cackles? Yea! Strip and scream “My baloney has a first name” at the top of your lungs repeatedly? Nay (and creepy)!

One guess which crazy I attract.

ImageWhat’s been weird in the last week or so is that several of the people who ordinarily are grumps and conspiracy theorists have actually been somewhat amiable and reasonable. So now I’m wondering what will happen next … will Luke start barking? Will Dick Cheney be outed as a rabid liberal? (That would send people screaming to the GOP.)



On to the flamage …

You would think, especially considering how barbecue-crazy Arkansas and border metro neighbor Memphis are that the one Internet mention of the phrase “flaming pork butt” that came up when I checked Google (Bing, too) would be about barbecue in the MidSouth/Delta, but noooo

So here I am, doing my part for flaming pork butts everywhere.

Flaming pork butts.


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