Ya want me to write? Pshaw!

I decided this week not to write my column. I’ve been very tired lately, so yeah, I’m taking the week off from being deep and insightful.

Maybe I’m just annoyed at all the constant misdirection coming out of D.C. (yep, no plans to watch the State of the Union).

This is why we all need a sense of humor.

It’s the little things that put this one over the top. For me, it’s the writing on the door. For my buddy John, it’s the disguises on the shelf.
Editorial cartoon by Jeff Danziger, Washington Post Writers Group.

Don’t worry about this stuff over here. It’s not important.
Editorial cartoon by Mike Luckovich, Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Nothing to see here …
Editorial cartoon by Stuart Carlson, carlsontoons.


Show yourself out … but leave the ball. I want to play with that later.
Image found on icanhascheezburger.