Sunday patriotic

In a few days, we in the U.S. will celebrate the founding of our country and miss the days when people were somewhat proud to be Americans. You know, back when we didn’t hate each other for no good reason. This is why we need to remember that our furry friends are here for us.

Well, unless there are fireworks. In that case, they’ll be hiding in the closet, thankyouverymuch.

Bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon … that’s all we really need.
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Family, I’d like to talk to you about the importance of not dressing your cat if you value your life.
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This smells funny. Was the cat wearing it earlier?
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Back up, kitty, this holiday’s all mine!
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Where’s the barbecue? I need hamberders now!
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A few catnip toys would be good too. Thanks.
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Hey, I’m no fool … just ignore the hat.
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Seriously, like now. Now, dammit!
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