Sunday goofy

This past week was not that much fun, and way too hot. Today, therefore, I’m just blowing off steam. Everyone needs to do that sometimes.

OK, so I do it a lot. Don’t judge me.

Hey! How! Are! You! Today!
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Yes, you are!
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Andale, Mitch! I need to get to PetSmart at least by nightfall!
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Whoa … I am really on a roll now!
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I shall seduce them with the power of dance, and then I shall have all the Beggin’ Treats!
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You won’t play patty-cake with me? Fine! I’ll do it myself!
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I really, really hope the dog’s name is George (as in H.W. Bush). It would be rather fitting.
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Am I not hitting it hard enough? Daaaad!
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These guys are gonna be a while. I’ll just wait here.
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I’m not inbred! Stop saying that!
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The Penguin Apocalypse is here! Run!
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That’s it for today, people. Show yourselves out.
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