Sunday goodies

And it’s allllllll mine …
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It should surprise no one that I’ve been stress-eating a lot lately, but in my defense, chocolate is delicious.

Today is both World Baking Day and National Devil’s Food Cake Day, so sit back and enjoy what’s being baked up for you. Watch for paw prints, though.

I feel so violated … and delicious.
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I can’t find my ball … I must eat all the pies to find it!
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Can I get it without the pan?
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Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, can I have some?
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There’s no cloves in this, is there? I can’t have cloves.
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Funny … doesn’t taste like chocolate chip …
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Paul Hollywood will not be shaking her paw … dang …
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Thanks, pup … will you leave the liver treats out this time, please?
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I’ll allow it. You already touched them anyway.
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But those are pupcakes … that’s OK, I’ll eat ’em!
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This is why I prefer communicating in writing.
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Can. I. Have. A. Cookie. Please?
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Hopefully it’s just cat litter.
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