Sunday pops

My Saturday night plans went awry, as the Zuill Bailey cello recital livestream I was watching started glitching about 15 minutes in (I’ll just have to watch it some other time on YouTube, I guess). That doesn’t matter to you, I know, but it meant that if I don’t entertain you today, that’s on me since I had a little extra time to work on this post.

Anyway …

Today is Father’s Day; it’s a day I usually think of my Grandpa first since he was always there for me when I was growing up. He’s been gone 17 years now, and I can still hear his voice calling from the utility room in Nanny and Grandpa’s house, “You eatin’ all my groceries?” He’s where my mom got a lot of her jokes.

But we don’t want to get maudlin thinking about the father figures who aren’t here anymore. Let’s talk about the ones who go above and beyond. So what if their kids have four legs and wet noses?

Just for that, I won’t yak in his shoes later.
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Tell that to the dogs. They need something to laugh at since the cat took their beds.
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I only chewed on them a little bit. The TiVo remote is in my litter box, though.
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The Cat in the Hat has been busy trying out some new looks.
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Pssssst, kitten! If you want to know where the mouse is, it’s in his hand.
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Take care of that good boy, or I’m comin’ for him. I love me some huskies.
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I mean, I know I asked for the moat option, but this seems a bit much.
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Yeah, you keep sniffing that one. He had beans for dinner.
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When kitty wants snuggles, kitty gets snuggles whether you’re working or not, get it?
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Hey, he called shotgun!
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Such a dad thing. Mine, though, turned the heat up so he didn’t have to put on a sweater. I think he was broken.
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