Sunday Cinderella

Kathy took the picture. She did NOT want to be in it. Party pooper. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Friday night, I went to see “Cinderella” at Argenta Community Theater with friends Sarah and Kathy, who quickly learned I know most of the lyrics. (I’m a musical nerd! I’m multifaceted!) A mutual friend was playing the stepmother (quote of the night from the little girl sitting beside me with her mom: “The stepmother is still mad. She needs to get over that.”), and it was awesome. In that vein, here’s a little more Cinderella.

Or Spike really missed you and dragged your shoes out of the closet one by one. Image found on cheezburger.
Snow and Cindy are getting catty. Image found on cheezburger.
Stop with the guilt trip, Cindy, or I’ll make you clean my house. Image found on Thunder Dungeon.
You know some dad was just aching to make that joke. Image found on Mimi Meme Me.
Excuse me, but it’s past my bedtime! Image found on Wattpad.
It still counts if the cat fits, right? Image found on Pinterest.
If only it were this easy to get dressed! (The transformation in the play was really cool too.) GIF found on Tenor.
They’re not glass, but they’ll do. Oh, not for me. I don’t do heels. Image found on Pinterest.
This sounds familiar. But the stepsisters in the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical are hilarious, especially in the version I just saw. Image found on Quickmeme.
Much better than actually letting your cat play with a glass shoe: Use a filter.
@camanthajade, TikTok.