Sunday sickly

I haven’t had much fun the past couple of weeks, with both my IBS and my anemia acting up. I joked with an email correspondent that if he saw a nauseated ghost wandering around downtown that it would be me (hey, there’s my Halloween costume!). And that was before I had to take a day and a half off because I couldn’t stand without weaving.

Unlike these guys, I didn’t look so cute when that happened. Must be the fur.

Pretty much me Wednesday and Thursday.
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I had no idea a camera caught me trying to make it to the bathroom.
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I’m sure animals with no tails don’t have this problem.
Off the Mark by Mark Parisi.

Just can’t figure that out … am I the only one getting nausea looking at that couch?
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Here we see the dizzy squirrel in its natural habitat.
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He looks kinda green too …
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I really shouldn’t work when Keith Richards travels.
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Yeah, screw it.
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