Sunday steamy

It’s still August, at least for three more days, and it’s still hot. Arkansas should be getting some rain from Hurricane Ida soon … which means that our usual awful humidity will get worse. Pretty sure that anytime I open the door for the next few days my glasses will fog up. Joy. This is me trying to keep cool.

To be fair, this is me as soon as it starts getting hot until it gets back into the 60s. GIF found on Tenor.
Ya want a beer? You’re gonna get a little hair of the dog (and probably some slobber) too. Image found on TheFunnyPlace.
I am one with the cool air. No, I’m not moving. Get yer own. Image found on CatsMeow.
Boy, am I glad I misheard you. I thought you said poo party! Image found on WowAmazing.
But those blades are hypnotic! Image found on cheezburger
Everyone in the room right now is really hoping I don’t fart. Mwahaha! Image found on Pinterest.
Let the water fall where it may … as long as it’s on my tongue. GIF found on thesochillnetwork.
What? What are you laughin’ at??? GIF found on boingboing.
No, you’re not getting anything from this freezer till this heat wave is over. Image found on Care2.
It’s too frickin’ hot, people! Image found on Pinterest.
Luke used to park himself at the kitchen sink tap. If I’d had a fridge with water in the door, you can bet he would’ve been doing this. Image found on reddit.
A cold shower before bed really helps too. Image found on cheezburger.