Sunday silly

We’re closing in on Christmas, and no, I still haven’t done any decorating. Doesn’t mean I don’t admire the ingenuity shown by other people. Maybe next year I’ll use some of these ideas.

Just the kind of wreath I need!
Image found on Pinterest.

So what if Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie? It happens at Christmas, so that counts! Don’t piss off John McClane, though.
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I have a cousin who researches Bigfoot (seriously), and he’d probably love this.
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Because nothing says Christmas like dinosaurs.
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OK, this one I would do because I’m a big geek and I’d like to exterminate humbug. No one’s better at extermination than a Dalek.
Image found on Smosh.

Oh, c’mon! Don’t waste good okra like that!
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If I were ever to make one, this would be it. I don’t have the patience for a traditional one.
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The beauty of this one is that it’s perfect for the lazy; just add eyeballs and a tree skirt, and you’re done.
Image found on EgoTV.

I don’t even want to think about how they got it up there (I’m assuming it’s just the frame, but that’d be heavy too).
Image found on Mental Floss.

The Gingerbread Man has clearly had enough.
Image found on Babble.