The broad strokes: They’re (not) all the same!

And now for this week’s Twitter burns (I really need to come up with a graphic for that!), as well as a few not on Twitter, thanks to some spunky scientists.

And news outlets that provide transcripts are the fakest of all!
Screenshot of Reid Bryce’s Twitter page.

Ah, yes, the classic Canadian Bacon. Yeah, I haven’t seen it in years either … but I have a weird urge to watch Strange Brew.
Screenshot of Zack Hunt’s Twitter page.

Why do I have a feeling this is Armageddon 2?
Image found on BoredPanda.

Thurston and Lovey really didn’t do much, did they?
Image from Mari Briseno’s Instagram found on Sacramento Bee.

But … but … Hillary! (Has nothing to do with this, and neither does the practice of politics.)
Image found on American Council on Science and Health.

“Alternative cat?” Funny … you don’t look like a cat …
Image found on BoredPanda.

It’s gotten so bad that scientists are breaking out the “yo momma” jokes!
Image found on Gothamist.

Yes, pup, it is. Who’s a good boy????
Image found on Green Source DFW.