I’m beggin’ here …

Don’t break the kitten’s heart, people!
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Just a reminder for my Arkie readers that the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Voices page needs your letters. We get slow periods every few months, but this has been the slowest of any I can remember since I started in the opinion section. I may start to take it personally.

Do you have a sweet story to tell (to be honest, good Samaritan stories and the like are some of my favorites), a funny anecdote, or a diatribe about the evils of compromise/tribalism/the designated hitter rule/[insert your gripe here]? Tell me about it in 300 words or fewer, and send it by mail to Voices, P.O. Box 2221, Little Rock, Ark. 72203; by email to voices@arkansasonline.com; or through our Voices form. You can also fax it to (501) 372-4765 (be sure to mark it to the attention of Voices) … ya know, if you still have one of those things … didn’t they go out in the 2oth century? Oh, no, that was eight-track tapes and the knowledge that harem pants are not attractive on most people. Sorry.

Keep it clean, don’t personally attack other letter-writers, and ditch anything that should be aired in a courtroom or discussed with police.

If you’ve already been published on the Voices page in the past 30 days, spread the word to friends, family, co-workers, that guy you say hi to when getting coffee in the morning, the scruffy man in the tinfoil hat … on second thought, scratch that one. Your reward? Me shutting up for a while about writing letters to the editor.

No need to get all fancy with a quill. But please, if you handwrite your letter, it must be legible to sober people who aren’t related to you.
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