Sunday dads

Today is Father’s Day. My dad and grandpa are no longer around, but I still think about them a lot. My grandpa, especially, because he was so often hilarious. These guys remind me of the dads in my life.

What? I’m sitting on the baby! That’s what I’m supposed to do!
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Now, if it’d been broccoli, I woulda left it alone. I regret nothing!
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Yeah, I’m paying attention. They’ve got 15 yards to go for a first down. Wait, where did these kittens come from?
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I knew that guy looked familiar.
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He does love cheese …
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I like apples. Can I have it?
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My baby’s growing up!!!
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I’m so hap-bee!
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You’re not using that hand, are ya? Cuz I’m gonna cut it off.
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