Sunday sassy

I’m doing something a little different today: no music videos or photos. Instead, I share with you one of my latest obsessions: B. Dylan Hollis.

Hollis gained fame doing TikToks of himself baking vintage recipes, which sometimes turned out to be amazing, and sometimes … yeah, not really (the pickle cheesecake comes to mind). Enjoy a few of my favorite ones, and you can watch longer videos and many of the shorts here. (The shorts are a lot of fun, but the longer videos give more insight into his process and how he improved some of the originals afterward. He’s also written a book, “Baking Yesteryear,” due out in July; I pre-ordered a copy on Amazon.)

Yes, he’s kind of a nerd. But so am I. Image found on Amazon.
This one shouldn’t work, but it does.
If you’re offended by jokes about coming out, you might skip this one. But it’s hilarious.
I really want to make this and smear a slice with chocolate almond butter … or just butter.
Of course I had to include the pickle cheesecake!