Sunday seasoning

In a couple of days, it’ll be Christmas. Some of us are more than ready. Not me, but these guys are. OK, they’re not all thrilled about it, but they’re ready.

Santa Pup has you on the nice list … for now. Hand over the snacks.
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Luke was like this. It made driving with him in December hazardous.
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OK, don’t piss off this dog.
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You certainly didn’t need that iPad. It’s not furry and adorable.
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And I definitely know nothing about the missing Christmas ham.
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It’s … it’s beautiful … I must kill it.
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One more reason I don’t drink eggnog. That and I can’t find a tree big enough for me to wake up in.
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Angry and his brother Gassy don’t fly with Santa often.
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I tried to catch it, but I was distracted by all the balls.
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Stand back, dog … this one’s mine!
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