Sunday merry

Today we celebrate Christmaas. I’m spending the day with fur-nephew Charlie and probably having peppermint cocoa after my dinner of dressing, turkey tenderloins, carrots, potatoes and rolls and opening a couple of presents.

However you’re celebrating the day, enjoy it. Merry Christmas!

This sweet little boy is a great companion for Christmas, even when he’s yakking on the couch.
So far, at least, I’ve known the people who’ve texted. Image found on National Today.
Someone really needs to stop giving me this. Image found on Property Onion.
Books for dogs for Christmas: not a good idea. Image found on Christmas Tree World.
Didn’t know Santa was a word nerd who knows apostrophes are not for pluralizing, did ya? Image found on Lola Lambchops.
Is anyone else a little creeped out? Just me? OK … Image found on LoveThisPic.
Yeah, some animals hold grudges. Watch your back. Image found on SportLeash.
I’m not getting holiday cheer, I’m getting anger. And I’m getting outa here. Image found on MemeZila.