Sunday Shelley

It was a pretty horrible week all around this past week, what with damage from Laura, the deaths of Chadwick Boseman, Julia Reed and Gail Sheehy, and assorted other craptastic things, so I thought it a good time to focus on a piece of classic literature. It is Frankenstein Day, after all.

Frankenstein Day is celebrated on the anniversary of the birth of the writer of Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus; that would be Mary Shelley, though the first edition in 1818 was published anonymously. Today she’d probably be classified as a bleeding liberal, as her work (it wasn’t just Frankenstein) often argued that sympathy and cooperation were the way to reform civil society. The audacity!

But no, I won’t dwell on the book itself, because, for one thing, it’s been a looooong time since I read it, and for another thing, we know I look for the funny. And there’s a lot of funny that’s come from Frankenstein (ahem, Young Frankenstein, in my opinion the best Mel Brooks movie).

Hey, look! It’s my favorite cartoonist riffing on that whole “Frankenstein is the doctor, not the creature” thing.
Strange Brew by John Deering.

My left arm’s from a guy named Hector in Malta, and my right arm is from Franz, just down the block.
Bizarro by Dan Piraro.

I’m actually disappointed his pinky isn’t up.
Image found on cheezburger.

He is soooo not ready to go on stage in a speedo.
Image found on Bookstr.

Dan Piraro seems to really like Frankenstein jokes.
Bizarro by Dan Piraro.

What? You thought I was kidding?
Bizarro by Dan Piraro.

I don’t know why he keeps running away from me …
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Well, no one really knows what frankincense is anyway. Bring him along!
Image found on Christian Funny Pictures.

See? He doesn’t mind.
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