Sunday slooooowwww

With the rainy weather the last few days plus all that Thanksgiving food, I think most people will excuse you for being a bit of a lump today. I have a small field trip planned if it doesn’t rain today, plus laundry and more turkey and dressing (I made mine Saturday since I ended up dining with friends on Thanksgiving). And then? Probably being a lump. I’m good at that.

Can’t move, send help. Wait, is that pumpkin pie? Image found on Pinterest.
Nah, you go on. I gotta keep the couch from feeling lonely. GIF found on Cute Cat GIFs.
I gotta rest up from that last nap! Image found on cheezburger.
Of course, it’s cats, so it’d be like 23 and a half hours of sleep instead of 23. Image found on The Finch and Pea.
That last bite was … I’m just gonna take a little nap … zzzz … Image found on HuffPost.
What was in that turkey, Ambien? Image found on Maine Coon Cat.
We’re only thinking of your welfare, Dad! Image found on PekeTales Twitter page.
But there’s always room for pie. Image found on Lil Miss Fitness Freak.
How did I get here? Am I sleep-eating again? Image found on Facebook.
And there’s more turkey in the fridge! Image found on Speak of the Devil.