Sunday cats … because cats

There’s some crazy-ass stuff goin’ on out there!

Saturday was International Cat Day … but we all know that every day is cat day throughout the universe. Cats wouldn’t have it any other way.

I always think of my dearly departed ball of fur whenever any cat “holiday” rolls around. Someday I’ll decide it’s a good time to let another fuzzy one or two into my life, but seriously, who could compare? That cat was nuts (the fun kind). Kinda like these guys.

International Cat Day? Cool! So when is “I’ll Wear Your Guts for Garters” Day? I’d really like to celebrate that too!
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You can’t see me if I peek quickly.
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I, Captain Fluffypants, do solemnly swear to chase all lasers and catnip toys and to cuddle when it’s least convenient for you.
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You figure out how to open the window, and I’ll grab him. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ll share!
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Yes, I am PUNtastic!
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The possession begins …
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I am like the wind; you can’t see me even though you know I’m there. Well, except for the smell. Sorry about that. Bad tuna.
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What was that you said, Sheila? I thought so!
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I just did that face … I don’t know why people were laughing … and I don’t know how they got in my house either …
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Not quite the usual cat reaction to a belly rub. I like it.
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And you … you are my kind of crazy.
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Yes, bringer of food and catnip toys, I love you too.
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