Sunday Halloween eve

Tomorrow night the ghouls will be out begging for candy. This year I’m actually in a neighborhood where there might be trick-or-treaters, so I might actually see a few. I still plan on cuddling up with Charlie and watching a movie or two (but don’t worry, Sarah, I won’t be putting a costume on him; I value my life), but it will be a welcome change to see a few kids. And if a few puppers and kitters show up in costume …

This is the closest I’ll get to dressing Charlie up. While I managed a few hats with Luke, I don’t like my chances here. “Costume” added on Fotor.
See? The boy was NOT happy.
If Kevin shows up at the door tomorrow, I’ll give him some apple. That chonk does not need candy. Plus I’d dread seeing that squirrel with a sugar high. Image found on Pinterest.
This definitely isn’t Kansas, Dorothy. GIF found on Tenor.
Hey, at least give the doggo some Scooby snacks or something! Image found on Country Living.
But you might want to air this one out before lighting it. I had a big lunch. Image found on Birthday Wishes Expert.
I don’t care how you’re dressed. I refuse to believe you’re not a good boi. Image found on Freepik.
How many times do I have to ring this thing before you give me a dead man’s toe? I have a potion to make! GIF found on Tenor.
And let me tell you … you really need to wash those suckers. Image found on cheezburger.
When you called me your little pumpkin, I was not expecting this. I will have my revenge. Image found on Pinterest.
Mixed breeds are the best. Image found on cheezburger.
Happy Halloween, everybody! GIF found on Tenor.