Sunday sleepy

It’s not secret that I’m a chronic insomniac. Sleep and I don’t always get along so well. Today, though, is National Public Sleeping Day (yes, there pretty much is a holiday for everything).

Except I won’t be in public, and I don’t nap well unless I’m ill. I’ll just have to live vicariously through these guys. They’re much cuter when they sleep anyway.

My, Luke, what human feet you have! Oh, those are your grandma’s? Never mind. I miss both of these adorable beings.
If he’s sleeping, he’s not digging up my plants, so keep quiet! Image found on coolphotofunia.
If only it were that easy to go to sleep … GIF found on tenor.
Assume the position. Image found on World of Female.
Adding a cat makes the stacking game more dangerous. I live for danger. As long as it’s not dangerous. Image found on BrightSide.
Even with his tongue hanging out … adorable. And the kitten as a pillow? Love it! Image found on AskIdeas.
Shhhh! Don’t tell Pumbaa! Image found on Fun Toxin.
OK, so this one kinda looks like me sleeping. Don’t judge. Image found on NewBloggy.
It was a ruff day at the office. Image found on Bored Panda
This will be me tonight, you can just bet on it. Help me, melatonin! Image found on cheezburger.