Sunday cool

I’d like to be this cool.
I’ll never be this cool.
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That’s what I’m hoping for anyway, as hot as it’s been lately. And apparently the heat has been cooking my brain cells since I forgot somehow to schedule this post last Sunday, which would have been the day after the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, and National Ice Cream Day to boot.

So yeah, I kinda screwed up. Again. I do that more than I’d like.

Today, though, is National Milk Chocolate Day. While I tend to prefer a mix (because sometimes dark chocolate is too bitter and milk chocolate, especially of the European variety, can be too sweet), I can be on board with good milk chocolate. Especially in ice cream. I’ll be dipping into a carton later. And maybe a Klondike. And an Italian ice.

Anything cold, really. It’s frickin’ hot. And it’s not even August yet. Sheesh.

OK, little otter, you can have it. But I’m takin’ the half-gallon of Yarnell’s.
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Since I grew up in the country with dairy farming friends, I’ve always known chocolate milk doesn’t come from cows (well, the chocolate part). Doesn’t mean I haven’t laughed at those who thought it did.
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Well, now we know who’s been eating the butter pecan ice cream.
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I’ve seen no ice cream. Promise. I kept my eyes closed the entire time.
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It. Had. My. Name. On. It. Dammit!
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But … but … chocolate!
Speed Bump by Dave Coverly.

Breathe through the pain, pup.
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Not so sure about the vegan part, but I’m on board with the ice cream part.
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It’s just so pure … sniff …
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I don’t even care that you licked it first, hoomin.
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The milk chocolate one does indeed appear to be less bitter.
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Hey … that’s mint chip, not butter pecan! I want butter pecan!
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It’s so cold … it’s like the Great White North we’re supposed to be from!
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My precioussssssss!
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This seems … cannibalistic somehow …
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Yeah, those are all yours, kitty.
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