Sunday super

I have no intention of watching the Super Bowl today, but I can still do some Super Bowl food (I’m thinking chicken or pulled pork nachos) and have some pet-related laughs. Yeah, that’ll make up for the prednisone I’m having to take right now.

You got the tuna in a blanket, right?
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To be fair, that’s pretty much you versus every guy. You’re a nerd, dude. Be proud.
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This is why I stream stuff on my laptop. Still not watching the Super Bowl, though.
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I swear if I go with the pulled pork, it won’t be this pig.
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Hey, Tom Brady gave me one of his old balls. What a guy!
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To be honest, he’s not amused by much.
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I’m ready, Coach, put me in!
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Sure, it’s an imaginary ball, but I nailed it!
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These guys are real party animals.
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This is my idea of a Super Bowl.
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And yes, of course I must share, once again, my favorite Super Bowl commercial. They’re right; it is a hard job.