Sunday surreal

We all have weird dreams once in a while. I was awoken from one Saturday morning that involved the first two houses I grew up in, the parking lot at work as well as my previous car Gertie (and subsequent wondering if I’d been evading taxes until I remembered I no longer owned Gertie), a rack of formal clothes I’d supposedly worn in high school in my room that I started trying on to see if they still fit, a standoff with an odious person I know but can’t remember now after I put a coat I’d tried on on a rack of clothes threaded through the big tree at the edge of the parking lot, Regina King taking a phone call in my room, a bunch of harvested very large onions and smallish pumpkins, a talk with a bunny under the trees at the edge of the fence at our old house after first mistaking it for some hyacinths, and family photos on the hallway walls (we didn’t have any there) that included one of Alice Cooper in full makeup.

The animal kingdom seems just as confused about it as I am.

Why Alice Cooper? Why??? Image found on Insider.
The onions were as big as the pumpkins! WTH??? Image found on Pinterest.
Regina King was in your room and turned off the TV without asking? Image found on Imgur.
Why would your rented prom dress from years ago be in your room?? Image found on Facebook.
You named your car Gertie??? (It was actually Gertie Mae, after my great-granny Gertie Mae Arp Gressett.) GIF found on Tenor.
Tell me more about the pumpkins … Image found on Pinterest.
You just TALKED with the bunny? You didn’t chase it??? Image found on cheezburger.
Show. Me. The. Bunny. NOW. Image found on Pinterest.
So you threatened to run down the guy in the parking lot with Gertie because he was a jackhole? Image found on Earth Porm.
Do I really look like a bunch of hyacinths, or do you just need to have your eyes checked? Image found on Meme Generator.
But … Alice Cooper? Seriously???? Image found on Bored Panda.