Sunday new

It’s a new year, finally, and let’s hope it’s a good one … don’t make any sudden moves … just walk in nice and quiet, and hopefully we’ll get out alive.

Larry’s Ranch Chicken Pizza is worth it! Image found on Pinterest.
As backup, I learned ear-piercing squeals from Spikezilla, so if all else fails, I’ll break them with sound. Image found on cheezburger.
Who am I kidding? Da hoomin is bigger than us. We’re doomed. Image found on DumpADay.
Thank God we’re no longer in a toilet paper shortage, Image found on Pinterest.
Is it Charlie’s house? Marley the Mooch told me he has good eats. Image found on Imgflip.
I’ve got some moves! GIF found on Tenor.
Dude thought he was eating a chicken leg … Image found on Pinterest.
The look you have when you’re just getting home from the New Year’s party at, oh, 7 in the morning, and the chatty neighbor spots you. Image found on NPR.
He’s gonna smile more this year, whether he likes it or not. Image found on Pinterest.
Let’s not get too crazy now … Happy 2023! GIF found on Tenor.