Sunday service

Pizza Parlour was, and still is, much-loved in Alma. With any luck, it will reopen. Image found on Pizza Parlour Alma’s Facebook page.

My late brother Corey ran the Alma Pizza Parlour for years, quite successfully, but without people like his longtime love Carletta, he wouldn’t have had as much luck. Sure, Corey served sometimes, but Carletta and others did the heavy work in that area, and they made sure the restaurant’s customers were happy.

Yeah, people go to restaurants mostly for the food, but without servers to bring you your food and drinks and ensure you’re enjoying your dining experience, you might as well just sell pickup and delivery orders only, which defeats the purpose of getting out of the house.

So why am I talking about servers? Because January is National be Kind to Food Servers Month (though that really should be a year-round thing; don’t piss off the people with access to your food). Today I honor those hardworking people like Carletta … and if they’re bringing pie, all the better (today is National Pie Day).

Pretty much the life of a server. If they serve you well, tip them well! Image found on Pinterest.
I’d suggest hair of the dog, but the Health Department said I can’t do that anymore. Image found on DumpADay.
Hey … at least say please! Image found on cheezburger.
Mayhaps a nice bone? Image found on Pinterest.
They warn you about rude, handsy and cheap customers, but they don’t warn you about dad jokes. Image found on cheezburger.
Welcome! We’re just a little mom-and-pup cafe, and we’re glad to see you! Image found on Pinterest.
Let’s see if I can get him to fall for the belly-rub tip again … Image found on cheezburger.
Please let it be those yeasty rolls! Image found on The Funny Beaver.
Noodle will be with you in a moment to knock the water glasses off the table. Image found on Pinterest.
And he didn’t smart off about me ordering extra sugar with the funnel cake … he’s getting a big tip! Image found on cheezburger.
These two are adorable, but they’re running me ragged! GIF found on Pinterest.