Sunday patriotic

We should never forget those who died for us.
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Here in the U.S., it will be Memorial Day tomorrow. This year won’t be quite the same as usual, with people staying in (though some will get out, quite possibly sans masks and social distancing, taking a risk with everyone’s lives). For some it’s just another day off and a chance to catch up on a little sleep, but for a lot of us, it will be about remembering those who gave their lives so the rest of us could live in freedom (including the freedom to make really dumb decisions).

Even these guys are getting in on the act.

Now point me toward the neighbor’s dog.
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Sooooo … cold enough for ya?
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Hey, my homemade ghillie suit does work!
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I’m sure the pilot is a good boy too, but the dog is a very good boy.
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Grrrr! I’m a fearsome weapon!
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Oh, come on, gimme a kiss!
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Because kittens need love too.
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Some of those who died in service to their country just happened to have four legs and liked skritches.
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We remember.
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