Sunday spooky

It’s Halloween week (finally … feels like time has been crawling this month), and that means some pet owners will screw up the courage to put costumes on their critters for their (the owners’, not the pets’) pleasure … and ours. We salute them, especially those brave enough to put a costume on cats.

You do know they hold grudges, right?

You have sealed your fate, hoomin. Tonight, you shall be the prey.
Image found on CuteCatsHQ.

A lot of dogs tend not to mind so much, as befits their lovable goof personality. Somehow I can’t see a Rottweiler being that happy, though.
Image found on HuffPost.

You put a costume on me, and now … you’re gonna die.
Image found on Pinterest.

I’ve never found this particular chia pet in the stores …
Image found on Dog Guide.

Yeah, I’m gonna go hang out in the bathtub and jump on you when you least expect it. You will not squish me!
Image found on ViralScape.

Mother Superior is not happy with you right now. Someone’s getting compost duty this week.
Image found on Decoratorist.

Arrrrrgh! Someone be walkin’ the plank tonight …
Image found on CuteCatsHQ.

Can you do me a favor, please? Bring your neck down here. I’m feeling peckish.
Image found on Bored Panda.

When I asked for minions, this was not what I meant.
Image found on Pinterest.

Elvis has left the building. No, really, he has. He’s in the parking lot on the way to his car.
Image found on Refinery29.

You taking pictures isn’t helping your case.
Image found on cheezburger.

Are we bugging you? Are we bugging you? Are we bugging you?
Image found on Pinterest.

Oh, just buzz off already!
GIF found on HaningtonBrothers.