Sunday surprise

I don’t think anyone was surprised by the Senate vote yesterday, but I know a lot of us are very disappointed and, even more, worried about the state of the nation.

So let’s enjoy some fun surprises and take our minds off it all. Please.

I’ll teach you to sneak around doors!
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You didn’t need that underwear!
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If red pandas had nine lives, this little guy would’ve lost one.
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I never get that kind of surprise. Not fair.
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Oh. My. God. You forgot your pants, dude.
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Muuuuch better than the creepy clown.
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Soooooo … I guess playing Lone Ranger is off …
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I am mighty … no one would dare … omigodomigodomigod!!!! What the hell was that???
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Well, that explains the hareball in the sink.
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