Sunday thankful

We’re only a few days away from Thanksgiving, which for me will mean ham and potatoes and quite possibly a movie marathon since I won’t be able to go home (holidays in the middle of the week aren’t my favorite thing).

For family pets it will probably mean hiding from owners trying to dress them up for the family Christmas card photo after they’ve stolen a few bites of food that’s far too rich for them (hell, it’s too rich for me). That’ll make for a fun night.

I think they’ll be thankful if they can escape the humiliation of reindeer antlers.

There’s also the humiliation of pilgrim outfits.
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They didn’t like the outfit either.
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But the potatoes were good. Not as good as turkey, but …
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And this sucker’s strong; I’m risking my life to save your dinner!
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Whadya mean you need to put the turkey in the oven???
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You go for the legs; I’ll get her arms.
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I hope there are no commercials this time.
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The belly flop and curl is a cat’s most deadly weapon. It kills any desire to throttle them for any mischief they’ve done.
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Maybe a little bit of white meat, without skin, and no ones. Unless you like sick animals.
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You can leave me alone with this now, servant. And shut the door.
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