Break time!

Heyyyy … who put this stuff on me? I asked for an avalanche of tuna!
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There’s no regular post today, as I decided to give my space in the paper for the week to Bruce Plopper, mass communications scholar and all-around nice guy. It gave me a chance to get his piece in earlier than I would have been able to otherwise (for some reason I’ve had an avalanche of guest submissions lately … I’m sure it has nothing to do with the state Legislature’s shenanigans or those of the guy in the White House), and it gave me a little bit of much-needed rest.

And yet I don’t rest. Instead, I thought I’d share just a few tweets that have cracked me up recently.

And then I’ll get back to my usual shenanigans (which don’t really affect the lives, health or livelihoods of others, unlike those other guys) in time for my next post.

And hey, one that has nothing to do with politics (yea!)

Which brings me to this thought: If you’re just sitting at the lake watching duck butts bob, this shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Unless ducks have eyes back there …

I don’t see any eyes, but …