Short fiction

Although I haven’t done much fiction writing lately, I’ll occasionally post some of my old short stories (and perhaps finally write some more), and this is the repository for quick links to those posts.

My stories usually fall between flash fiction and the standard length for short stories, which is somewhere in the neighborhood of 3,000-5,000 words.

I’ve done a little flash fiction, but mostly in longhand in writing groups, so unless I manage to dig up those stories and transcribe them, you probably won’t see them here.

Although I love very well-written longer short stories, my fiction-writing style tends more toward realist, i.e., more like how people actually talk rather than an overly florid literary style, which means that I tend to keep exposition to a minimum. Yes, you should still feel like you’re in the story, but I just don’t see the need in high-toned prose; my intent is to entertain, not impress with pomposity. I have, for a contest, written longer, but it just felt like padding, so I usually keep it between 700 and 2,000 words (OK, really, I just write until I feel the story is finished, so there’s no set length).

I’ll update whenever I add more fiction, though it won’t be really often. Reality has been a little too much fun to write about lately.


Slow Dance with a Greased Pig (a “White Traish” tale)


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