Sunday salute

Tomorrow some of us will reflect somberly on those we’ve lost in service to our country. Others will reflect on when the hell those burgers will be ready.

I wish I could say it was just the pets, but …

I’m sure the pilot is a good boy too, but the dog is a very good boy.
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Now point me toward the neighbor’s dog.
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No, no, I told you I was mad at you … I’m not giving you a kiss, buddy. Don’t eat my burger next time.
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Wait … does Ukraine issue cats to all its soldiers? Where do I sign up?
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Scooby snacks aren’t gonna cut it this time.
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Because kittens need love too.
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OK, seriously, thank you, armed forces, for all you do and all you’ve sacrificed for us.
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At ease, all of you, and thank you!
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