Sunday workin’

Note to readers: Ya know, I’m feeling lazy, and like I should just start my Labor Day early, so here’s a blast from the past from 2020.

Tomorrow is Labor Day, that day we set aside to honor workers. I’ll be off, but probably will be working on my column. Others will also be working, but because they’re far more essential than I am: police, firefighters, medical personnel and others.

Some furry workers will be working, but it may be mostly on our nerves. It’s not their fault you decided to grill today. The rest of the time they work so hard, so let them have this, OK? And a little piece of that chicken.

When Luke was alive, he sometimes acted as my assistant/paperweight/postal inspector. He wasn’t so sure about this one.

Wilson is a very good boy who employs proper social distancing.
Image found on MemeZila.

Now if you do this to my satisfaction, I might let you rub my belly.
Image found on lolhome.

I now have an inexplicable urge to smooch a llama, especially one working as a therapy animal.
Image by Jen Osborne found on Slate.

She’s back there not working again, isn’t she? Back to work, lady. Stop with the waving!
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OK, I still think we need a newsroom cat, but I would be open to an office groundhog too.
Image found on DumpADay.

Will also work as a paperweight and personal assistant. You don’t want me inspecting mail.
Image found on cheezburger.

When I’m done training here, they’re moving me to boiling oil!
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This guy needs to get over to my yard. It’s been a while.
Image found on BBC.

We keep telling him he should open his eyes when working on the books, but he says he can do this job with his eyes closed.
Image found on Animal City of Murfreesboro.

No, not on the second beat, on the third! Start over! This is the last time I try to teach a cow how to dance.
Image by Andrew Fladeboe found on Bored Panda.

Hey, stall the health inspector till I finish these dishes, OK?
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And doing an end-zone dance was completely out of line, dude!
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