Sunday sneezy

I managed to jinx myself again by saying my health was OK. The flu saw that as a challenge, of course. Dang it.

Luckily, I had the flu shot, so the flu symptoms are gone now for the most part, and now I’m in the head-cold stage. Which means sneezing. A lot of sneezing. And I am not cute when I sneeze.

These guys are, though. Or at least funny.

If only I looked this cute.
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Who told you cats are dramatic? Oh, this guy.
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Listen up, cat: This is how you sneeze without calling attention to yourself. Oh, yeah, that’s what you wanted …
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Wait, how did this GIF of me get in here?
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Hey, there’s no way for sneeze in a distinguished manner. Give me a break!
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Dude, it’s also impossible to look ferocious when you sneeze … grrr-chooo!
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Did you see that rock move??
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Such a tiny panda. Such a giant panda sneeze.
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Crap … am I allergic to myself?
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