Sunday swingin’

Simone Biles flies high, even when she’s not on the mat. Image found on ABC News.

Simone Biles has nothing to prove. She showed that mental health is important, and she has stayed to cheer on her teammates in Tokyo. Simone was a winner before, and she’s still a winner, and a more than worthy role model.

These critters wish they had as much talent and bravery as she does.

Cats were made for gymnastics, but they don’t take direction well. Image found on Pinterest.
If you hang a treasured rose bush up there, I can almost guarantee he’ll get it. GIF found on Tenor.
Yeah, yeah, lady, we’ll do tricks for you now. But sleep with one eye open. GIF found on giphy.
Pretty basic routine, but he’s adorable. Gold! GIF found on gfycat.
I could watch this all day … and I have. GIF found on Pinterest.
Let’s add gymnastics to the Winter Olympics; I’d pay to see a snow-shovel floor routine. GIF found on WiffleGif.
Excellent, but can you use more than one corner of the floor, please? GIF found on Pinterest.
Not sure your coach throwing you sticks during the floor routine is allowed. GIF found on cheezburger.
Picture this routine done to “Crazy Train.” GIF found on WiffleGif.