Sunday shivery

My sneezes aren’t as dainty as this … and now it’s mostly coughs. Fun!
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It should be no surprise I’m no fan of really cold weather, so I’m not enjoying the recent turn here. It might have something to do with the illness that is now hitting my lungs and making it harder to breathe. Or it could be that I feel the cold in every joint in my body. Or it may just be that I hate putting on and taking off layers all day. That’s just too much work.

But at least we don’t have snow yet, like some in Texas. So there’s that, anyway.

Right there with ya, buddy.
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This why outside is a bad idea this time of year.
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And the cat must be warm. There is no alternative.
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I told you I was freezing my butt off!
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So yeah, the snow is not only yellow, it’s furry too.
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Why do you think I have so many blankets? And they’re allllll miiiiinnnnneeee.
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Don’t even ask about my butt …
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Can I just stay here all day?
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Needs more cats.
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