Call for letters!

No need to get so gussied up to write, but please write!
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For my Arkansas readers, a plea for the Voices page of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: With the Labor Day holiday on Monday (and thus an extra day’s page to have to work on this week), I’m running out of letters to fill the pages through Tuesday. At the time of this writing, I’ve got Friday covered, but Saturday is not, and there are three more days after that to fill. So please, if you haven’t been published by me in the last 30 days, send me a letter, short or long (but try to keep it under 300 words).

It’s not necessary to use an antique typewriter … but if you do, send me a picture. I’m a sucker for antique typewriters.
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Have a thought-provoking anecdote about a past Labor Day or amusing musings on the current political situation (and a certain tangerine toddler)? Tell me about it! Those who also include their sources for statements of fact will also earn my heartfelt gratitude since that will speed up the works.

Send those legible missives to, or go to the form here. You can also send it by fax at (501) 372-4765. You might try sending it by snail mail to Voices page, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, P.O. Box 2221, Little Rock, AR 72203—however, it would need to reach me by 8 a.m. Friday to heighten chances of making it in since I’ll be working on the Monday and Tuesday pages on Friday. Make sure you include contact information (daytime phone number and/or valid email address) for verification purposes.

Thank you!