Sunday dads

My relationship with my dad wasn’t great, but in the end, he was my dad, and I loved him. He wasn’t the typical dad, but who is, really?

These dads, maybe …

Dad joke alert: I keep trying, and it just sort of hovers there … Image found on My Daily Favorite Things.
Yeah, I’m paying attention. They’ve got 15 yards to go for a first down. Wait, where did these kittens come from? Image found on Pinterest.
I dunno, Pop, I don’t think blue’s my color. Image found on HDimagelib.
My baby’s growing up!!! Image found on FunCatPictures.
Dad, I think “Waaasuuup” died about the time it started. Image by by Cyril Ruoso/Minden Pictures/National Geographic.
Dang it, now they’ll never go to sleep tonight! Image found on DumpADay.
To be fair, that would be after 15 minutes, I’m guessing. He’d be crying after a whole day. Image found on Bouncy Mustard.
No rhinestones, no glitter … none of that! You’re supposed to be respectable! Image found on A Moment for Mom.
Oh, in that case … who is that handsome devil? Image found on imgflip.
He’s just always leaving the seat up! Image found on DumpADay.
Started with a dad joke, ending with a dad joke, No. 2, if you’re counting. Image found on Ranker.