Sunday too darn hot

I’m not a fan of summer, especially lately. It’s the sweating, mainly. And the bugs. And the humidity. It’s all of it. There’s not enough ice cream in the world to make me like summer. Bleh!

OK, without the fur, but yeah.
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He can have it. Like now.
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But sure, there’s no climate change …
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Pug’s not a fan of summer, either, I see.
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Somehow, I don’t think the store would find it amusing if I did this.
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Great idea to use oven mitts to drive in the summer … instead of burning your hands on the steering wheel, you can just let them stew in sweat.
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Dig up your own plants, whydoncha!
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Dude, I think those oranges have been in there too long … they’ve got fur!
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It’s gotten to the point where I only go outside when I absolutely have to.
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Pants are the devil’s invention!
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First the pug, and now the cat. We’re screwed.
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