Sunday sweltering

Pretty much how I’ve felt the past week. And the elevator’s out again at work … oh joy!
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We’ve been having heat advisories daily over the past week, and for good reason, because it is truly miserable outside. To add to the fun, both my mom and I have been having AC issues (hers meant getting a whole new system). No matter what, when it’s this hot, staying shut up indoors with the lights off is a good idea. When you do go outside, it’s no fun (and hey, Saturday I got to see what happens when the engine temperature gets to the first red line on Izzy’s [my vehicle] dash … it goes into “cooling mode”).

Humans aren’t exactly a laugh riot when we get overheated. But what about animals? How do they stay cool?

And why don’t we look as cute as they do when they’re just trying to cool off?

Forward all my calls here till October, please.
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Even tree rats can be cute when getting a drink of water.
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Did you eat the rest of that leftover pupperoni pizza? I wanted that!
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No, you’re not getting anything from this freezer till this heat wave is over.
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Ya want a beer? You’re gonna get a little hair of the dog (and probably some slobber) too.
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Right there with you, monkey. This is me when I get home and grab my bottle of water from the refrigerator.
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I am one with the cool air. No, I’m not moving. Get yer own.
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What? What are you laughin’ at???
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Yeah, I do this, too, so no one will eat my stuff. Don’t know why no one wants to eat with me …
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I claim this fountain in the name of my belly!
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Just leave the tap on and go away.
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