Sunday pranks

One of the things I miss about having a cat is being able to occasionally prank the boy, though it was hard to do because he was so smart (and suspicious … and paranoid), but sometimes I managed, and he always made me laugh.

So this morning, let us take a look at some pet owners and others with weird senses of humor. These are my peeps!

Well, now I know where the Saran Wrap went …
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Yeah, pup, I don’t blame you. That snowman’s a creep.
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OK, it’s mean, but I did this more than once.
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Dude, do NOT mess with me when it comes to treats!
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I don’t see it, but it must be there, and it must be scary!
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It’s not just owners who prank pets…
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For all the people with arachnophobia that I teased, I am heartily sorry.
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Too much time on your hands?
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Aw, I’m gonna play with the kitty …. oh, crap, crap, crap!
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Nope, my tongue.
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Where. Did. He. GO?? Tell me, dammit!
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