Shutdown roundup

Oh, when will it END??

Oh, when will it END??

Yep, still goin’ on. Thanks for checking. Thought I’d touch on some of the recent lowlights of the government shutdown, as so far the only highlight has been that the Klan rally planned for Gettysburg this weekend was canceled.


Remember the other day when I said Thomas Sowell was making sense? Never mind.

Whatever caused his moment of lucidity last week has passed, and he’s back to being bat-crap crazy, even contradicting what he wrote last week and encouraging Republicans to continue to dig in. Yeah, like they need more encouragement.


Headline seen at InvestmentWatch:


U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) is usually the one embarrassing his home state (his failed amendment to punish innocent relatives of people who violate U.S. sanctions on Iran, his idea that divorce is the fault of the woman, etc.), but this time, Tim Griffin (R-Ark.) stepped up to bat and knocked one out of the park … then ran after the ball himself.
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

The congressman, best-known to some as the Karl Rove acolyte who was inserted in a U.S. attorney position when Dubya decided to enact a politically motivated purge, let his fat fingers fly on his phone, posting a tweet that basically implied that Democrats motivated the Capitol shooting, noting gunshots first, then following with a directive to Nancy Pelosi, President Obama and Chuck Schumer to “stop the violent rhetoric.”
He later deleted the tweet, but continued to defend it, reports Slate. Yep, we apparently grow ’em dumb, touchy, and unthinking here … remember Jason Rapert? Or Nate Bell?

Of course, Griffin also said no one but the shooter was to blame, even though the weapon involved in the “attack” (whatever it was … it’ll take a while before the whole story is ferreted out) was a car. Miriam Carey, who had struggled with mental illness, apparently tried to crash a White House barricade and hit a Secret Service officer with her car, then led police on a chase to the Capitol grounds before she was shot and crashed.
A lot of questions are being asked about the police response and why deadly force was used. But for me, the most important questions would be about her motivation; the fact that she had her daughter in the backseat raises the specter of planned murder-suicide. That alone is enough to raise a lot of red flags on the need to start taking mental illness seriously and erasing the stigma attached to getting treatment. As a functional depressive, I know the value of finally asking for help.
In case you didn’t know just how hypocritical some politicians are (What am I saying? ALL politicians!), some leaked emails revealed that the very “exemption” (it’s not an exemption, it’s an employer contribution) that John Boehner has railed against is one that he and his chief of staff worked to make sure they got, according to Politico.
Dudes, remember that thing about paper trails? If you’re gonna be shady, at least pretend to cover your tracks. And guys, considering you’ve refused for months to bring the Senate budget to the floor and have been threatening a shutdown for at least that long if you didn’t get your way, at least stand up and admit it. It’s a political move and we all know it, so stop patronizing us. Separate the Affordable Care Act (which is already funded, remember?) from the budget bill and end this stupidity. If you won’t listen to me, listen to all the people who say this was a stupid idea in the first place and that it is primarily the fault of the GOP.
That slap-a-matic we’ll need definitely will have to have a hemi.

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