No regular column this week

I should go out looking for some butterflies. But they’re outside. I like inside. (That’s an Eastern Comma, if you were wondering.)

As I said in my note on the Voices page, I’m looking for some serenity. The past several weeks have made that hard to do, and the last couple of Wednesday columns I wrote were far too ranty for my taste. I stand behind them, but I know I needed to take a step back to remember why I write.

It’s not for acclaim (I don’t put my columns up for any awards partly because I think there are people out there far more worthy). It’s certainly not for money, as I don’t get paid extra for them at the paper, and I would feel guilty asking for donations on this blog.

I do it for me, so that I can get out these weird thoughts that populate my mind, and for you because some of you people actually like what I write (there’s no accounting for taste). Many of you have become friends I wouldn’t mind going to a party with (as long as you remember I prefer being a wallflower).

I have no idea how these people caught me during my morning ablutions.
GIF found on Laughing GIF.

I do it to inform and entertain you … and me, as it turns out. If I reach just one person or make just one person laugh, I consider it a success. Well, as long as it’s someone other than me. I already have to listen to myself (and that chick is nuts).

As for what’s going on now, if you’re protesting, it should be for the right reasons. Seeking to correct injustice is a good reason. “Owning” the libs or the GOP or because you don’t like having to do something for the protection of someone else is not (what are you, 3?). If you’re rioting and destroying property, just stop; you’ve damaged your credibility and that of the peaceful protesters you’ve usurped. If you’re protesting peacefully, no weapons are needed; bringing along guns, knives, bats, etc., tells people that peace is the last thing you want.

And if you’re not happy with the representation you have in your city, county, state or nation, vote. Or as a great American once said, “Don’t boo. Vote!”

I’ll be back next week, hopefully in a better mood. And with chocolate.

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12 thoughts on “No regular column this week

      • With cats, I thought it was the other way around. We are supposed to protect them. It is dogs who try to protect us from harm. I suspect that this woman is an opera singer who was warming up in the shower before she performs.


      • No, cats are very protective of their people. I think this one does this a lot. You can hear her husband telling her to keep going.
        When I was recovering, Luke was right beside me most of the time. Cats aren’t as aloof as their PR suggests.


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