Sunday Ruth

Sure, it’s someone’s birthday today (Boy George, Che Guevara, and Harriet Beecher Stowe … and some orange dude), but we come today not to sing “Happy Birthday” (not paying royalties) or to wave a flag (it’s Flag Day), or even to crank a Jack-in-the-box (it’s National Pop Goes the Weasel Day too).

We come to praise someone who has proven, with her intelligence, spunk and sense of humor, that you don’t need much more than a law degree and a stylish collar to drive certain hyperpartisans around the bend.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is sworn in in August 1993. She’s the Energizer Bunny, I think.
Image found on NPR.

On this day in 1993, President Bill Clinton (fellow Arkie, and governor for a big part of my childhood) nominated Ruth Bader Ginsburg to fill the seat of retiring U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron White. Ginsburg, who was a co-founder of the ACLU’s Women’s Rights Project and won five of six gender-discrimination suits she argued before the Supreme Court between 1973 and 1976, is considered to have made significant legal advances for women under the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution. She was confirmed by a 96-3 vote to the court on Aug. 3, 1993, and took the oath of office a week later.

Wow, remember when court confirmations went through quickly?

Ginsburg’s legal knowledge is considerable (and her dissents blistering at times), but it’s her strength and humor, especially in the face of health challenges and political backlash, that have endeared her to so many (if you haven’t seen RBG, please do, and you’ll understand why she’s so admired) and has annoyed so many QAnon followers and other conspiracy nutjobs (when you’re constantly being intentionally misquoted and taken out of context, you know you’ve ticked them off).

Notorious RBG? Yes, please.

A bit from the RBG documentary which made me jealous of her stamina. Yes, she’s a Super Diva.
Image found on Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Watch your back, Justice Kagan.
Image found on Pinterest.

This. Exactly this.
Image found on HuffPost.

I have these on my monitor stand in my office at work. I miss seeing them. Buy them here.
Image found on Perpetual Kid.

She must be protected at all costs. Of course, she’s a badass and will still work with broken ribs.
Image found on Daily Mail.

Let’s send RBG a whole orchard. And while we’re at it, protect Kate McKinnon too.
GIF found on giphy.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Ruth

  1. A favorite Facebook comment from a while back:

    “Scientists tell us that the first person to live to be 140 is alive today.
    Please, God, let it be Ruth Bader Ginsburg.”

    On shared birthdays, I share mine with Elvis Presley, Steven Hawking
    (so far so good) and Kim Jong Un. So much for astrology.


    • Fingers crossed. RBG is a wonder. Thankfully she hasn’t let it go to her head.
      Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Rip Taylor, Horatio Alger and Orlando Bloom share my birthday. The most embarrassing one I could find was William Hung, a truly terrible American Idol contestant. I hope there are no despots in my group. 😬


  2. RBG is certainly a testament to the power of strong will. She keeps on keeping on despite the physical challenges that make her life difficult. Being a person, who has lived with cancer (Multiple Myeloma) for the last twenty years, she’s one of my chronic illness champions.


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