Sunday Ruth-less

I know I try to keep things light in my Sunday posts, but two years ago today, we lost Ruth Bader Ginsburg (nominated to the Supreme Court by home-state boy Bill Clinton), a brilliant jurist and a fierce advocate of equal rights for all. Between her death and the overturning by the Supreme Court of Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey in the Dodds decision (and subsequent moves to essentially outlaw abortion by several states and the unintended consequences resulting, as well as the signaling that other “settled law” might not be so settled), a significant portion of voting-age women have embraced their own advocacy anew.

I think the Notorious RBG would be proud.

In his blog about this cartoon, artist J.D. Crowe said, “Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a living definition of ‘bad ass.’” She was. Editorial cartoon by J.D. Crowe, Alabama Media Group.
A bit from the RBG documentary which made me jealous of her stamina. Yes, she was a Super Diva. Image found on Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
I wish I knew what she said that cracked up Bill, but I couldn’t find video of the moment. I did find a transcript of remarks, and it might have been this: “I don’t believe that every child that’s born alive is either a little liberal or else a little conservative, except in Gilbert and Sullivan.” Image by Gary Cameron, Reuters, found on BBC.
Is it wrong that I sorta want an RBG bobblehead? Image found on
She was a superhero. We (especially women) need to don her cape to protect future generations. Image found on Bored Panda.
Ichabod here clearly should have been wearing the dissent collar. Image found on
It’s up to us now; vote! Image found on Costume Works.