Sunday sluggish

I only made chicken and dressing for my Thanksgiving, but I still ate too much, and then ate pumpkin pie, so I’m a little sluggish. And after three meals in a row of dressing, I was already tired of it (I have one portion left, which will probably be today’s lunch), so Friday night I ordered Japanese.

These critters know the pain of a food coma too.

Gimme a little while. I’ll make room for pie. Image found on cheezburger.
He’s preventing his brothers and sisters from dropping into a food coma by sacrificing himself to the bowl. Courageous lad, that. Image found on Pinterest.
The glazed eyes are a little creepy. Someone close those suckers. Image found on Just Something.
What did Grandma put in that turkey? Image found on cheezburger.
Since I very rarely eat what normal people would call a full meal (for me, think about the size of a frozen food entree portion; I just can’t eat more than that usually), a food coma is inevitable for me at family dinners or meals at actual restaurants. Image found on iFunny.
When the meal makes you assume this position afterwards, that’s some good eatin’. Image found on DuckBoss.
This was me Thursday. And then Friday night after I ate gyoza and rice. GIF found on Tenor.
Hey, buddy, it’s not Tuesday yet! Image found on Memedroid.
I didn’t feed Luke human food, so I never had this happen. Then again, he was so picky, it probably wouldn’t have happened if I did. Image found on Pinterest.
Yes, pup, but not my food, got it? Image found on reddit.
Hey, is that salmon? Well, maybe just a little … Image found on reddit.

6 thoughts on “Sunday sluggish

  1. I’ve been reading about the original “Thanksgiving,” and it was not exactly what I was taught in school, evidently. However, reporting on the event by participants is scant, so I guess we’ll have to rely on preconceived views and biases. For anyone concerned about the dangers of “woke” history, I can report that I have not been damaged by expanding my knowledge.


    • But … but … but … much history! 🤣 I think most of the people who are so concerned about these “changes” that aren’t really changes but newly uncovered history and context never paid much attention in history class in the first place.


  2. The former sister-in-law thinks history is boring and unimportant. When I reminded her that the Bible is historically accurate, she didn’t like what I told her but at least she didn’t try to accuse me of sacrilege and/or blasphemy.


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