One constant fuzzy belly, please …

Yeah, we all check our stats every once in a while and laugh, either because of (for some of us) our pitiably low page views or, probably more commonly, the search terms people use when they happen upon our blogs.

Hello ... is it me you're lookin' for?

Hello … is it me you’re lookin’ for?

Generally they’ll be phrases that make sense, or they’ll be strange random strings of words. A recent sampling:

i wish it would rain get rid of all the pollen 1
fat nate bell 1
fake mark twain quotes bible 1
constant fuzzy belly 1
phony thomas jefferson quotes 1
fake thomas jefferson quotes 1
when was the twin towers hit 1
john brummett 1
fuzzy peony 1
twin towers before and after pics
Have some fuzz that needs ti go away?

Have some fuzz that needs ti go away?

Putting the bad grammar in at least one entry aside, my favorite is definitely “constant fuzzy belly,” which is either a really cool/weird band name, an ad for Nair, or possibly a drink you’d find at a frat party.

And I’m suddenly a bit frightened of whoever used that search term.

Speaking of band names, I come across many random phrases in my work that just scream out for a band to take it on. A small sampling:

dyeing with dignity

usefully inaccurate

nodding donkeys

crime-solving chihuahuas

massive manhunt

relish debacle

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if there was already at least one band with one of these names. I’ll be expecting a cut if anybody decides to use one of these!

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