Sunday icy

I never thought I would miss our big snow/ice storm, but the last few weeks have made that a reality. I wasn’t built for heat. With cold, I can put on more layers and blankets. With heat … no one needs to see what happens. Rain is supposed to be in the forecast for much of this week, so I’m hoping it will cool things off a bit.

If not, I guess I can make National Ice Cream Day (today) last all week. Now, where’s that Yarnell’s?

One day I hope I can be as happy as this piglet eating ice cream. Image found on Pinterest.
I’ve seen no ice cream. Promise. I kept my eyes closed the entire time. Image found on Pinterest.
Furry watermelons like ice cream? Ya learn something every day. Image found on Reddit.
Why, I think I’m experiencing unmitigated joy! Lovely! Image found on Pinterest.
Yes, taunt the squirrel, but don’t give the tree rat ice cream. Then the rest of them will want some. Image found on Pinterest.
OK, little otter, you can have it. But I’m takin’ the half-gallon of Yarnell’s. Image found on Pinterest.
I rescued this from the clutches of an otter; I pointed him toward some ice cream sammiches. GIF found on imgur.
Breathe through the pain, pup. Image found on
Dammit, bird! That’s the good cookies and cream! Image found on Favim.
Silly kitty, that’s not ice cream … it’s just a psychedelic snow cone. But you’ve got the right idea. Image found on Pinterest.
It’s cold! But it’s delicious. More, please! Image found on Awesome Inventions.
You’re done for the day. Go away. Image found on Happy Hour Ice Cream.