Waiting for Enoughman

Dear Lord, please kick these idiots where the sun don't shine. Amen!

Dear Lord, please kick these idiots where the sun don’t shine. Amen!

Sitting here waiting for the end to come … not the end of the world, but the end of the crap in D.C. Of course, the Washington Post alert this morning put my page for tomorrow in danger.

Yes, the prayed-for prospect of an end to the shutdown (thanks to a deal between Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell) threatened to kick my butt.

My “lede” letter was specifically about the shutdown politics and couldn’t really be updated without significantly changing it, but if I left it in place and the paper tomorrow reports an end to the stupidity, I would look stupid. After a couple of hours I went ahead and subbed out that letter and a couple of others so we could get the page done, and though I hoped it would happen before I left work today, Congress was true to form, and as of this moment, they STILL haven’t settled it (grrrr).

The measure has passed the Senate, but still has to get through another vote in the House. Here’s hoping. The blame game will go on, though, of course. And the GOP will still refuse to believe it had anything to do with causing the shutdown regardless of any long-term plan in the works since 2010. Because, ya know, they’re the adults in the room … have I mentioned lately how much these adults make me want to put all of them over my knee … wait … ewww … some probably want that … never mind!

In the meantime, Clay Bennett, the cartoonist for our sister paper, the Chattanooga Times-Free Press, pretty much said it all with this cartoon. I can hear Stephen Colbert now …

Cartoon by Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times-Free Press.

Cartoon by Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times-Free Press.