Sunday scandal-free

The second of the two newsroom Monarchs. She (both were female) emerged Friday, and here is flexing and drying her wings before being released that evening.
Photo taken by Alyson Hoge.

With everything that’s been going on the past couple of weeks, the emergence of two Monarchs in the butterfly tank brought in by one of our editors brought a welcome distraction in the newsroom.

In their honor, let’s look at butterflies this Sunday. Much better than the alternative.

What really should be mascot for copy editors, the comma butterfly.

I believe I can fly … I believe I can catch the butterfly …
Image found on Bored Panda.

Don’t make me come over there! A hackberry emperor prepares to take off.

The Diana Fritillary, Arkansas’ state butterfly.
Image found on Mount Magazine State Park.

A common buckeye takes a break.

A pipevine swallowtail at Mount Magazine State Park.
Image found on Encyclopedia of Arkansas.

A red-spotted purple admiral (male, I think) sunning himself.

An American lady on a coneflower at Mount Magazine State Park.
Image found on

A gray hairstreak alights on spent daisy blooms.

A zebra zwallowtail in flight.
Image found on Life and Wildlife along the Little Buffalo River.

A silver-spotted skipper drinks nectar from a butterfly bush at the Old Mill in North Little Rock.

What could be funnier than penguins chasing a butterfly? Not much, really.