Sunday sooooo sleepy

I try not to make these Sunday posts about things I don’t like, but I can make this work, I think.

I feel ya, dude. I don’t want to lose an hour of sleep either. Image found on Mashable.

I absolutely loathe Daylight Saving Time (more than I loathe the people who stick an “s” on the end of Saving; that’s not the name). It’s an anachronistic practice that has no practical use in the 21st century. Just stick to one time, preferably Standard Time, which is more in sync with the body’s natural clock. Continually changing the time really does a number on people, especially the DST change in which we lose an hour for no good reason (those of us with chronic insomnia and other health issues that are managed on a schedule really curse the change).

The people who want to use DST year-round obviously have no knowledge of the time in the 1970s that that was tried (I was too young to have any clear memories of it, and the experiment only lasted 10 months).

Still, let’s look at the bright side. For a lot of us, the clocks in our vehicles will finally be correct again. And we’ll get to see a lot of confused critters wondering why the hoomins are up early (cranky as hell) and feeding them at the wrong time. Now they’re gonna have to adjust their schedules so that they can still smack you in the face at 5 a.m. for their breakfast. Seriously unfair.

I still miss the big guy and the fact that he loathed DST as much as I do.
If I had remembered the time change when I made my doctor’s appointment a few months ago, I would have delayed it. Sorry, Doc, I’ll be cranky Tuesday. GIF found on Tenor.
Can you change it back, please? And take the “s” off while you’re at it. Image found on
Let me think abou–NO. Just no. And get off the bed. GIF found on Tenor.
On the bright side, Charlie should still be adjusting to the time change when I cat-sit, so maybe he won’t do this. Image found on Pinterest.
I go when I go, hoomin! Image found on cheezburger.
One more reason to loathe it. Image found on Twitter.
Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care? Image found on Pinterest.
“Waking up” is a generous way to put it. Image found on Sky Wellness.
Accurate. Image found on Guide for Geek Moms.
No, it’s Daylight SAVING. And go away. GIF found on Tenor.

10 thoughts on “Sunday sooooo sleepy

  1. I didn’t know there was no ‘s’ on Saving, nor did most of the photos you posted. Anyway, I agree completely that we should dump it. I lived 12 years in Hawaii without having to change the time twice a year. My only concern is for all the timepieces that make the change automatically. This morning, I actually observed my watch going from 1:59 to 3:00. I hope it could adjust to not adjusting.

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  2. The biggest problem with year-round DST I see is getting up well before dawn. Unless, that is, we adjust the opening times for schools and businesses to fit the daylight. Might be worth trying. What with email and texting, it would be easier to coordinate than in the old days. A side benefit: it would give people something new to talk about.

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  3. My dog, Marlow the Golden Retriever, didn’t care what time I fed him just so long as I fed him lots of dog food and raw beef flavor dog treats regularly. Also, he didn’t care what time or how much I fed him just so long as I spent a lot of time scratching his head and rubbing his belly and playing Fetch with him. I was trying to convince him that his life was not as Ruff as Bark.

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  4. It could be worse: In 1907, an Englishman, William Willett, campaigned for setting the clock ahead by 80 minutes in four moves of 20 minutes each during April and the reverse in September.

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  5. If you are working on the midnight to eight a.m. shift in a hospital when Daylight Saving Time starts as it did today, you will work seven hours and you will be paid for seven hours and only seven hours. However, if you are scheduled to work on the night when Daylight Saving Time ends, you will work nine hours and be paid for nine hours.


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