Sunday sweet

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks with fur-nephew Charlie (and a little time with fur-nephew Spike), and it’s been fun. I’ll be sad to be back at home today without Sweet Boy. A few highlights ..

While working in the living room one especially sunny day, I found out that Charlie was obsessed with the light reflecting off my iPad and phone. I was laughing too hard to get the first instance, so this is later.
I washed his pink blanket twice while I was at Sarah’s: first when he threw up on it, and the second time after Spike chewed on it and got doggy drool on it. This was right after I put it back on the couch the first time and all was again right with the world.
Spike HAD to have his duck outside.
Sometimes you just have to wind down in the cave.
Spike missed his mama and Sawa. I didn’t get pictures of his escapes because I was too busy trying to find the little bugger when he went looking for girlfriend Zoe.
This would be the day Charlie found out he’d be stuck with his Aunt Brenda for another week. The RAF (resting annoyed face) is strong in this boy.
Why are you working? Am I not distracting enough?
Turkey sammich? Is it mine? Never mind, I know it is.
Come in? Naaaaaah.
There seems to have been a mistake. You only gave me one treat. Why does it matter that I was only outside for a minute and a half? I came in without being asked. That should be worth at least 12 treats.
Back where we started. When your mom’s coming home, you need to rest up in a warm sunbeam.

8 thoughts on “Sunday sweet

  1. We attended the Arkansas Symphony last night, featuring a guest conductor and guest violinist. It was thoroughly enjoyable. Unlike last weekend, no tuxedo was required which made it all the more enjoyable. No cats involved.

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