Sunday Ruth-less

I know I try to keep things light in my Sunday posts, but two years ago today, we lost Ruth Bader Ginsburg (nominated to the Supreme Court by home-state boy Bill Clinton), a brilliant jurist and a fierce advocate of equal rights for all. Between her death and the overturning by the Supreme Court of Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey in the Dodds decision (and subsequent moves to essentially outlaw abortion by several states and the unintended consequences resulting, as well as the signaling that other “settled law” might not be so settled), a significant portion of voting-age women have embraced their own advocacy anew.

I think the Notorious RBG would be proud.

In his blog about this cartoon, artist J.D. Crowe said, “Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a living definition of ‘bad ass.’” She was. Editorial cartoon by J.D. Crowe, Alabama Media Group.
A bit from the RBG documentary which made me jealous of her stamina. Yes, she was a Super Diva. Image found on Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
I wish I knew what she said that cracked up Bill, but I couldn’t find video of the moment. I did find a transcript of remarks, and it might have been this: “I don’t believe that every child that’s born alive is either a little liberal or else a little conservative, except in Gilbert and Sullivan.” Image by Gary Cameron, Reuters, found on BBC.
Is it wrong that I sorta want an RBG bobblehead? Image found on
She was a superhero. We (especially women) need to don her cape to protect future generations. Image found on Bored Panda.
Ichabod here clearly should have been wearing the dissent collar. Image found on
It’s up to us now; vote! Image found on Costume Works.

13 thoughts on “Sunday Ruth-less

  1. I had just cooked dinner for John and his girlfriend when we heard about RGB’s death last year. We ate mostly in silence except for the occasional f word John or I said (Kaitlyn is polite) knowing the implications.

    Your post encouraged me, and I especially love the little girl dressed as a superhero RGB.

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  2. When people opposed to abortion try to tell me that Ginsburg was pro-abortion, I offer to tell them about the time Ginsburg and Susan Struck challenged the military’s policy on pregnancy and abortion–if they will listen. They usually do not want to listen because it doesn’t fit into their pre-conceived ideas and beliefs about Ginsburg.

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    • They don’t care. They want to believe the comforting lies told about her and ignore the fact that as a lawyer she fought for the rights of women AND men. I do agree with her that Roe was too early and decided under the wrong reasoning (should have been 14th instead of right to privacy), but I believe Dobbs is on shakier ground legally. Not that it matters now that the court is stacked in the way conservatives have wanted for years.

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      • There are also too many people who want to believe the comforting lies preachers tell them about what it supposedly says in the Bible. They don’t like it when you try to challenge their ideas and beliefs by asking tough questions.

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  3. Speaking of a woman’s place supposedly being in the home and/or in the kitchen, I was reminded of something which recently happened to one of my ex-wife’s relatives who is young enough to be my daughter. Mandy has been a truck driver for Meridian Transport for at least fifteen years now. Yes she does drive what people refer to as a “semi-truck” or “eighteen wheeler” and she has a good safety record as in no accidents. A day or two ago, she was at a truck stop and presented her rewards card in order to get a meal and take a shower. Yes she was wearing her company shirt with the company logo and her name on it. The woman behind the counter refused to believe that she was a truck driver and would not accept Mandy’s rewards card. Mandy had to talk to the manager on duty before she was allowed to take a shower and eat a meal.


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