10 thoughts on “Sunday spice

  1. I drink my coffee straight out of the bean, so I can’t get worked up over the idea of adding pudding or pumpkin pie to it. Both of those additions are good in their own right and don’t get me started on pumpkin shakes. However, a cuppa joe can stand on its own merits.

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    • Pumpkin pie is my favorite pie. I like to make just the custard part also to cut some calories. Mmmmmmm
      Oreo pumpkin spice – tried today – could use a bit more spice. I enjoy Thomas pumpkin English muffins & bagels. They were not around very long. Can’t find them anywhere.
      I don’t try everything pumpkin spice; I like alot of other flavored coffee & plain as well.
      I love kitties, too! And dogs also. Have 1 dog & a few kitties.😻😻😻


  2. I also dislike any and all mixed drinks because I do not like the idea of ruining perfectly good rum or whiskey or brandy or vodka or something non-alcoholic such as Coca-cola or orange juice by mixing it and/or adulterating it with something else. No it is not against my religion but I still do not like it. On the rare occasions when I do drink something alcoholic, I prefer to drink Shiner Bock.


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