Sunday solace

The past couple of weeks have been pretty hard for Gen X, with too many of the people responsible for the soundtrack of our youth leaving this plane. For me, the biggest losses have been Pat Carroll (the voice of Ursula in “The Little Mermaid”) and Olivia Newton-John. In their honor, a little music.

I sing along. Every. Single. Time.
It’s hard to pick a favorite from Olivia, so this is just one.

5 thoughts on “Sunday solace

  1. I first remember seeing and hearing Olivia Newton-John in the movie version of “Grease”. I also remember that I first saw and heard her future brother-in-law Jeff Conaway (as Kenickie) in “Grease” as well.


    • I recognized Conaway many years later when he was the chief of security on the Babylon Five space station for the last season of that show.


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