9 thoughts on “Sunday off

  1. Migraines. So sorry to hear it. I don’t have them, thank goodness, but I do have auras, something I’ve heard migraine sufferers often have. Do you? I get them maybe once or twice a week. They last 15 or 20 minutes. Weird.


    • I used to have auras that would warn me beforehand, but that changed after I had a stroke in 2015, and I had been getting no warning at all. This past week, though, I had insomnia and blurry vision, plus sinus issues. Apparently they’re going to be my new precursors. Ack.


  2. Hope you feel better soon. My son’s oncoming migraines allow him to predict the weather (at least oncoming low pressure systems). Do you have that power?


  3. What the doctors once thought were my migraines turned out to be sinus infections/congestion caused by a congenital deformity called concha bullosa — not discovered until CT scans became available. (Or maybe it was MRIs. I can never remember which.) The problem was corrected with surgery. But I certainly learned how devastating an unrelenting headache can be. You have my deepest sympathy.


  4. My migraine headaches are triggered by food allergies. When I was an enlisted man in the Navy, my headaches were misdiagnosed as sinus problems. When I went to see a sinus headache specialist who was recommended by a friend, this physician told me they were migraine headaches and I needed to see a neurologist. After asking me lots of questions about my headaches, the neurologist confirmed that I was suffering from migraine headaches and he ordered some tests such as a CAT scan of my head and an MRI of my head and an EEG to rule out various causes for the headaches. Eventually we figured out that my headaches were caused by food allergies and the neurologist made some recommendations for changes in my diet. He also prescribed some “magic pills” for me to take to ease the pain of the headaches.


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