No column today, but …

It’s such a cute belly, and needs further investigation.

I gave my column space today over to a guest column as I have several with a clock on them (it’s one on young people in the Arkansas travel industry; if I used either of the other two for the week, both by Democrats supporting higher teacher pay, it’d be a field day for the trolls). That doesn’t mean, though, that you get nothing here. You’ll get a bit of Charlie and other things that have amused me in the past several days.

I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t want to stare at that belly? (If you’re nice, he might even let you give him a belly rub.)
This is a serious chonk.
Drive sober or your car will roll over. Say no to catnip before driving, kids! Image found on Episcopal Cats With Problems.
And people wonder why I generally keep my door closed when I’m in the office.
Sure, it SAYS chicken, liver and beef flavors, but are we sure that there’s not some Soylent Green stuff going on? You can actually by these at Chewy. Image found on
Oh, to be that flexible … Image found on Episcopal Cats With Problems.
Now THAT’S a sploot.
This may be my favorite usage of this particular meme template. Because I’m a punny nerd. Image found on Words, Words, Words: Puns and Wordplay.
That is all. You may leave my presence now, peasant.

9 thoughts on “No column today, but …

  1. The cartoon about garnishing my wages reminded me that my next payday is this Friday. I hope none of those stupid, ignorant, dumbass idiots in the opposite of Progress in Pound Laundry, D.C. tries to shut down the government again like Newt Gingrich and Bill Clinton did in 1996. If they do try to garnish my pay, will they also offer me sage, rosemary, and thyme although I rarely have any thyme on my hands?(unlike one of my favorite bands)

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  2. When I complained about what happened in 1996 on Facebook, I was surprised and saddened by how many unsympathetic and unkind comments I got in reply. Too many people seemed to think I deserved what happened to me and my co-workers at the Veterans Hospital.


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