Sunday summer

At one point in my life, I guess I liked summer, but that was long ago. Kids now don’t have the freedom we did (of course, we didn’t have to worry about being shot all the time either). Oh for the days when you could just do whatever, whenever.

I remember doing so much of this, much of it with my cousin Debbie.

14 thoughts on “Sunday summer

  1. My kid days growing up in central Kansas were a lot like that. Roamed the “sand pits”, mining tailings which were botomless pits filled with water and somehow didn’t drown. Fell out of a cottonwood tree and broke my arm. Competed on the high diving board and broke my front tooth on the bottom of the pool. Etc. Had cronic sunburns. It’s a wonder I’m still alive.

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      • Although I am chronologically old enough and have enough time-in-service to retire, I cannot afford to retire just yet from my infamous day job.


    • What I think “vacation” means is when people get so bored with the same routine week after week that they decide to:

      1. Pack a portion of almost everything they own into luggage while always forgetting something important.
      2. Throw themselves into transportation chaos, thus increasing chances of accident and illness.
      3. Travel to an unfamiliar territory where everything is more expensive and the pressure to spend on frivolous things increases exponentially.
      4. Take the trip despite knowing in advance about points 1., 2., and 3 because they rationalize that it will make them appreciate their home and friends much more. (The equivalent of banging your head because it feels so good when you stop.)

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  2. The only limitation I had was “be home by dark.” Or sometimes, “If you want to go swimming, we’re leaving at noon.” Those truly were “Happy Days.”


    • I would ride the loop of Highway 252 occasionally, which was about five miles, I think. As long as I came back, my parents didn’t care, though most of the time I stayed closer to home, or my grandparents’ house, which was about a mile away unless I decided to cut through the pastures.


    • When I wasn’t outside getting sunburned, I was inside with books. The first house I remember had no AC, so it was often cooler outside. There was a spot under some trees near the fence where I would read outside.


  3. Great memories! I mostly read books, and my mom would drop me off at the library. Playing outside wasn’t my thing, so occasionally she’d throw me out of the house. I lived in Austin, Texas, so I stayed in the neighborhood when I rode my bike.


  4. We lived in Chicago when I was a child and that city is mostly flat. On weekends during the summer, my father and I would get on our bicycles and ride a mile or two or more. I wasn’t allowed to ride around on my bike by myself.


  5. Vacation for me is not having to work at my job for a week or two. I prefer to take long road trips while I am on vacation. I like to explore by driving to places I have never visited before. No I do not like traveling by airplane. Nor do I like to stay at home while I am on vacation because that makes me feel trapped and tied down and confined to one place.


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