Sunday smackin’

I tried to make myself go with something light and funny and patriotic today, as tomorrow is Independence Day, but for many women, it doesn’t feel like that right now. The Dobbs decision felt like a new regime was coming in to play, disregarding that women are more than birthing vessels. Dobbs throwing abortion back to the states means that anyone with a uterus in red states will have much less freedom than before. Add the Kennedy decision, and you see an actual activist court basing decisions not on jurisprudence but ideology. If my mama were still alive, I’m sure she’d have more than a few things to say about it.

I don’t much feel like celebrating the Fourth this year, especially seeing some of the same idiots who applauded the events of Jan. 6, 2021, try to pretend they’re patriotic now that they got something they thought they wanted (being angry about bad decisions from a stacked Supreme Court is apparently much worse than trying to overturn the will of the people in a free and fair election by staging an attempted coup).

The lesson for today? Don’t piss off women. We’ll fight back.

I predict this song will make a comeback this summer.
This is all we really want.

12 thoughts on “Sunday smackin’

  1. Tell the truth, you robbed my mind for your comments on this year’s Fourth. It would be a perfect day to indict the insurrectionist-in-charge. An orange jump suit might match his hair.

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  2. I’m misty-eyed over “Fight Song” because it was my personal fight song during my bout with cancer. (And it worked!) Haven’t heard it for a while, but now it has fired me up all over again.

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  4. Yes don’t make women mad because you will fight back? You have reminded me of one of the laws of physics which I remember learning in science class in elementary school when I was a boy. “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Do you remember learning that one? The people who are trying to control the behavior of women and dictate how you will behave seem to have forgotten that law. Nor do they seem to be making any attempt to regulate the behavior of the men.

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  5. I love both these songs. I’ve already found an arrangement of Fight Song to play, and I’m working on my Freed dance moves. My mood today (and the past weeks) is more the TMEA 2022 State Treble Choir singing Fire – the 3rd movement from The Elements. I shared it on my Facebook page.

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