Sunday spooky

Yeah, yeah. Grrr, argh! Fairly sure I didn’t lose too much blood this time, but he got crankier as we got nearer to Christmas and antlers.

Halloween’s just a week away now, so even more of us will be getting ready for spooky fun. Some, though, have been ready since Labor Day.

I never decorated much for Halloween, and I usually just watch movies in the dark and keep the porchlight off. I’ll have to get my column done on Halloween, though, because I have an MRI scheduled the next day and won’t be able to do my usual Monday afternoon ritual.

Still, I’ll make sure next Sunday to pull out the only Halloween hat pic I have of Luke (he wasn’t a fan of hats, so I had to be quick the few times I tried to get a photo of him in one). Pity he wasn’t more fond of costumes. He would have made a great devil.

I’m fairly sure all these cats are planning on sending their people straight to Hell. Image found on
Yes, they are, but I can appreciate their sense of humor. Image found on Pinterest.
See? The hedgehog seems fine with it all. Image found on Cutest Paw.
You wanna know what’s in my basket? Yeah, it’s a hairball. Image found on PracticallyViral.
Or BatCat. Because, you know, cats. Image found on Pinterest.
No, I haven’t see your hat. Why do you ask? Image found on KnittyKitty.
Can you do me a favor, please? Bring your neck down here. I’m feeling peckish. Image found on Bored Panda.
Have I gone mad? Yes. You’ll find out how mad later. Image found on Pinterest.
But, honey … you’re my whole universe! Image found on Pinterest.
Mother Superior is not happy with you right now. Someone’s drawing compost duty this week. Image found on Decoratorist.
Squash me. Please. I beg you. Image found on Klyker.

9 thoughts on “Sunday spooky

  1. I feel sorry for those cats and those dogs who were made to dress up for Halloween. The cats and the dogs were probably wondering what they did to deserve such cruel and unusual punishment. If I did dress up in costume for Halloween, I would most likely dress as a butler at my job since some parts of it are similar to a butler’s job.


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