7 thoughts on “Sunday sunshine

    • I couldn’t remember all those lyrics in the original, so I hunted them down, and they were indeed there from the start. However, the way Jimmie Davis played it was jangly and sunny. This version is more in line with the lyrics … and very creepy.


  1. The first time I heard “Columbus Stockade Blues”, it was played in all minor keys by a local bluegrass band in Norfolk, Virginia. Many years later, I heard a member of the local old time folk music group Rackensack play this song in all major keys. When I told this musician about the first time I heard “Columbus Stockade Blues” (in a minor key), she was surprised that anyone would play a different version of this song.


  2. One thing which I learned to do in the music theory courses which I took in college was to play a tune in both major keys and minor keys. The first time I played the tune “Simple Gifts” in first G Major and then g minor, apparently I really startled some members of the audience and some of the other musicians.


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