Sunday the day after

Twenty years ago plus a day, the world changed. The day after, there was a new sense of unity as we mourned the lives lost the day before. For a little while, we got along.

It unfortunately didn’t last. We have to get back to that. If these critters can get along, surely we can too.

A lot of cats and dogs get along just fine. Luke’s best animal friend was a Shih Tzu named Gizmo. Image found on Treehugger.
These two don’t play games. One of them is a cheetah. Image found on Bored Panda.
They know to drink upstream. Image found on Pinterest.
I swear, I’m not tasting you! Image found on Reuters.
It doesn’t matter how a family comes together, as long as there’s love. Image found on The Dodo.
Baloo and Shere Khan in real life, apparently. Image found on eBaum’s World.
This guy’s always ridin’ my ass, but he’s cute and sweet, so it’s OK. Image found on NatGeo Kids.
Sing “Soft Kitty” for us, please! Image found on Bored Panda.

4 thoughts on “Sunday the day after

  1. I do want us to get together again, though we were probably never as united as it seems in retrospect. And, sadly, I suffer from the pandemic of “I will if they will.”


    • True. There’s always been that element of jackholery; back then it was the people who attacked everyone who looked Middle Eastern. Now it’s the people who refuse to do the tiniest thing if it helps others or inconveniences them.


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