Sunday still not fall

It’s a long holiday weekend again, and it’s still too hot for my comfort (sorry if you love heat, but I prefer it around 50-60 degrees).

Even when fall officially arrives later this month, I’m sure it won’t feel like it. Dang it.

The Holderness Family is in North Carolina, but they could just as easily be in Arkansas right now.

And yep, tomorrow is Labor Day, so enjoy the obligatory animals at work. I bet it’s hot where they are too.

These pups and kittehs are real go-getters.

12 thoughts on “Sunday still not fall

  1. Our temps are moderating, especially at night. But they could just as easily go back up. Still, there are hopeful hints of brown on some leaf edges and one or two have actually fallen in my backyard. Loved that second video, but I’m a sucker for pets.

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    • I’m still waiting on leaves here, especially from the mulberry I want to take down. I went out yesterday to pick up prescriptions and lunch, and it was hot, and still too hot at night. Maybe in a few weeks it’ll start dropping some more.

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    • A ton of leaves have fallen from trees that have dried
      Out leaves 😞. Seems to happen every year now that we have drought in September & October. 😞😞
      My dogwood has some faint red leaves for about 2 weeks now. I always like watching the trees 🍁🍂 at the Walmart on highway 10! They are changing some also.

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      • The pecan trees over here are still as green as can be, but I doubt there will be a decent amount of edible ones. Not even the trash trees on the other side of the fence show any signs of change. If I didn’t need to write my column tomorrow, I might drive to Burns Park to see what it looks like there. Maybe next weekend.


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