5 thoughts on “Sunday solemn

  1. We would be a much better nation if the zeal for sending young people into battle would carry over to a responsibility for the needs of returning veterans, especially for those damaged by war.

    We see a similar phenomenon with those who are adamant about “protecting” unwanted fetuses but refuse to help needy children once they are born.


    • Agreed. I count myself lucky in that I didn’t have family members die in service, but a lot of people have lost people they loved. This day is for them and those they loved who died.


  2. “The Green Fields of France” was written by the Scottish singer-songwriter Eric Bogle in 1976. Bogle and his wife were touring one of the cemeteries where the soldiers who died in World War One were buried. The one thing which Bogle noticed most of all and which really stood out in his mind was how young so many of the dead soldiers were when they died. This song has been recorded or “covered” at least fifty-six different times by other singers and/or bands besides Bogle’s own recording of it. The one time that Bogle did perform here in May 1995 at the Acoustic Sounds Cafe at Second Presbyterian Church, I was able to be there for this concert. Bogle finished his performance with this song. After the concert, Bogle stayed around for an hour or two signing autographs and posing for pictures and talking with people. I did get a chance to thank him for performing this song and I got to tell Bogle why this song has so much meaning for me and other veterans.

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