Sunday resolute

I, on the other hand, am already perfect. Image found on Pinterest.

Longtime readers know I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I mean, really, why would I make a promise to myself that I know I’m not going to keep? Unless it’s that I’ll never stop loving chocolate and cats, it ain’t happenin’.

Animals don’t really need to make them either. Doesn’t mean they don’t do it, but yeah, they probably don’t keep them either … except for the ones about sleeping and being adorable.

No one needs to tell him that cats have already conquered the world. Let him have his dream … Image found on The Finch and Pea.
Hey … who’s to say that rolling around in a bowl isn’t my resolution, huh? GIF found on giphy.
Resolution: Be sneakier. GIF found on Pinterest.
Sure, it’s mostly with my breath, but that counts! Image found on cheezburger.
Oh, you say I just put my paw in there to create a hole? Your point? Fill it, wench! Image found on CandidSlice.
Therefore, my resolution is to not let robbers in unless they give me skritches and treats. Image found on BarkPost.
The cat, though, thinks Mom cheaped out on the cat tree. Luke was traumatized when his collapsed because he thought he was so dainty. Then I got a new cat tree with a “birdhouse” on top, and he draped his “dainty” self over it every day to watch critters from the window. (He couldn’t fit himself inside it.) That one didn’t collapse, but he wore out the scratching post sisal.
This is why I have to growl at the scale, Mom. Image found on Pinterest.
This has been my resolution every year since I was a kitten, and I always keep it. Image found on cheezburger.