Sunday song

We’ve all been a bit down, some of us because we’re so frustrated … with people who think only of themselves … with those who refuse to understand that quarantine/isolation procedures are designed to get us out of pandemics more quickly or that wearing or not wearing a mask isn’t a political statement …

Still, we see kindness out there in good samaritans, essential workers, and everyone who tries their best to keep us sane with stories, jokes, and music, and those who are there just to lend an ear to a friend. This is for them.

12 thoughts on “Sunday song

  1. Thanks so much! I’ll reblog this one. This is a candidate for one of those tunes that pop up for no reason in your head during some mudane moment and won’t go away until it decides to do so. Have a serene Sunday.


  2. I’ve been reading The Decameron, written in 1348-1355, during the Black Plague in Europe. He describes two reactions, which are still active today. In brief:

    “Some there were who conceived that to live moderately and keep oneself from all excess was the best defence against such a danger; wherefore, making up their company, they lived removed from every other . . .

    “Others, inclining to the contrary opinion, maintained that to carouse and make merry and go about singing and frolicking and satisfy the appetite in everything possible and laugh and scoff at whatsoever befell . . .”

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  3. If the patient privacy laws weren’t so strict, I would invite one of these people who objects to wearing a mask to observe while myself and the nurses try to do our jobs taking care of patients who are positive for COVID-19.


  4. I have just been on vacation for one week and will be returning to work tomorrow. This was the first vacation or time off they have let me take since January.


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